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Stage 6

Splish Splash Swim Ltd offers Stage 6 swimming lessons for children that want to develop stroke technique and stamina in the water as well as learn personal survival skills.


Our Stage 6 swimmers should have progressed from Stage 5 or can swim a minimum distance of 100m frontcrawl and backstroke, 25m breastroke and have basic stroke technique of butterfly. They should be able to demonstrate the above strokes and distances in all depths of the pool.

Our Stage 6 teachers will introduce a variety of stroke drills for all four strokes into lessons to improve technique and stamina in the water. Swimmers will learn transferable skills about the preparation for exercise and practice swimming with clothes on. In this stage, teachers will look more closely at personal survival skills and go into more detail about situations in which they might be used.


How old does my child have to be to join this class?

Please see our FAQ’s page.


Will there be a teacher in the water with my child?

Please see our FAQ’s page.


Will my child get any awards?

We believe in continual assessment, placing no stress on award weeks and not putting pressure on children to perform.


In Stage 6 lessons, swimmers will achieve their:

  • ASA 200m, 400m, 600m & 800m Distance Awards;
  • ASA 100m Backstroke Award;
  • ASA 100m Frontcrawl award;
  • ASA National Plan Stage 6 Award;
  • ASA 50m & 100m Breastroke award;
  • ASA 25m & 50m Butterfly award;
  • RLSS Personal Survival 1 Award.

We run Stage 6 swimming lessons at AshbyBelgrave and Loughborough.