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Rookie Lifeguard

Splish Splash Swim Ltd offers Rookie Lifeguard sessions on Monday and Thursday every week.


We teach our Rookie Lifeguards how to take care of themselves, their family and their friends in  and around water; we teach Rookies how to promote water safety in their day­-to­-day activities.

Encouraging your child to join us for Rookie Lifeguard sessions offers you the comfort of knowing that your child is aware of the dangers of pool and open water swimming. We work through the RLSS Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to ensure that Rookies have a sound safety education and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

In a fun and exciting environment, with games and competitions, we teach survival, rescue and life support skills to our Rookies.

We give our Rookies the opportunity to visit open water sites so they can understand the importance of and practice assessing open water dangers. In 2014, we took our Rookies to Market Bosworth Water Park where they were taught how to rescue swimmers in open water and they learned how to swim in a lake!

Rookie Lifeguard Splish Splash Swim School visit Market Bosworth Lake

Rookie Lifeguard Splish Splash Swim School visit Market Bosworth Lake


In 2015, we have taken our Rookies to Staunton Harold Reservoir, giving them the opportunity to go on a speedboat and experience sailing with Staunton Harold Sailing Group ( Our Rookies increased their awareness of the dangers of open water sports and had a really fun time doing it!

Staunton Harold Reservoir Sailing

Staunton Harold Reservoir Sailing

What our Rookie’s say

Why become a Rookie Lifeguard ?

I completed my Stage 7 Award and decided that I wanted to be a Lifeguard in the future so I thought that it would be helpful to join Rookie Lifeguards.- Amelia (15)
My Mum suggested the idea, I wasn’t too keen at first. After a couple of sessions though I started to really enjoy it and I have stayed!- George (11)
My Mum and I felt that there was no need for me to continue to have swimming lessons but I really liked swimming and wanted to keep swimming so I started Rookie Lifeguards.- Lauren (11)

What do you enjoy most about being a Rookie Lifeguard ?

I enjoy learning new and different skills.- Amelia (15)
I like learning how to save people in the water.- George (11)
Learning how to lifesave.- Lauren (11)


In 2014, all of our Rookies became members of the RLSS Leicestershire Volunteers group where they we given access to further training and opportunities to help with Leicestershire Lifeguards Voluntary Patrol & Rescue Service.

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What awards will my child work towards?

  • RLSS Bronze, Silver and Gold Rookie Lifeguard Awards;
  • Swim England Water Safety Award;
  • Swim England Personal Survival One and Two Award;
  • Swim England Rescue Award;
  • RLSS Life Support Award;
  • RLSS Rookie Communication Award.