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Terms & Conditions

Enrolment Policy

To reserve a place on the subsequent course, payment is required two weeks in advance. Priority for the next block of lessons will be given to pupils already registered on the swim scheme
Each course of lessons lasts a duration of 10 weeks
Lessons – 25 minutes in duration
Refunds will NOT be given except for exceptional circumstances
The swim school’s management reserves the right to cancel courses
If your personal circumstances or medical conditions change, Vicky must be informed

Safety and Child Protection

The swim school adheres to the Swim England Code of Ethics and Child Protection policy
All staff have undergone a CRB check
The swim school cannot accept responsibility for any pupil outside their allocated lesson time
Parents/guardians must NOT approach their child/children during their lesson
Parents/guardians must NOT approach the teacher while the lessons are taking place. If you have any concerns please contact Vicky Thomas on 07725038229 or e mail us at
The use of mobile phones and other photographic equipment is banned inside the pool building and changing room areas – this includes texting and playing games. All mobile phones must be turned off.
It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to ensure pupils are on time for their lesson. If possible, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the lesson is due to start.
Pupils should not enter the water until the teacher instructs them to do so
The swim school will adhere to the Swim England teacher:pupil ratio guidelines
Jewellery (with the exception of SOS talisman) is not permitted.
Children with freshly pierced ears will be expected to take six weeks off swimming due to risk of infection.
Earrings must be removed during swimming lessons.
Long hair must be tied back. Girls are asked to wear swim hats
The wearing of goggles is allowed, however the swimming instructor may request them to be removed if safety is compromised
All children under the age of eight years old must be accompanied to the toilet and be assisted with changing (if needed) by a parent/guardian
Parents/guardians should remain on the premises at all times


All instructors have achieved either the Swim England Level One or Two Certificate for Teaching Swimming or the Swimming Teachers Association Level Two Certificate in Swimming
Relief instructors may be used without prior notice depending on sickness or holidays
Volunteers may assist with lessons and will have undergone a police check
Instructors should not be approached while teaching


Splish Splash Swim School works towards theSwim England National Plan for Teaching Swimming

Welcome Back

We are really looking forward to re-opening Splish Splash Swim and welcoming all our swimmers, parents, friends and colleagues back to the pool. We’ve are extremely lucky to have received support and good well wishes from you all on reopening!!

The schools have been working extremely hard over lockdown to ensure the pools we use are ready and everything is in place for a safe environment for all when we restart our lessons.

Below are details that have been put into place for our safe return back to the pool!

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we’ve had to adapt various elements of our pools due to the current circumstances and to protect the safety of our swimmers, parents and colleagues.

Please ensure you read this information thoroughly before starting back swimming. All the measures detailed below are based on government and Swim England guidance as well as our own risk assessments.

Swimming Lessons

The general measures detailed below will apply.

We will run fewer lessons within the pool at one time to allow for both children and swimming teachers to social distance. This may affect the times we are able to offer customers.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your lesson and wait outside in the allocated area.

On arriving, there will be a one-way system in place, directing you and your child to the lesson.

Only one parent should attend with a child, to reduce the number of people in the building.

Parents must wear a face mask on entering as well as removing outdoor shoes before they walk onto poolside.

Pupils will be required to arrive for lessons readily changed in their costumes, hats and goggles. This will help all teachers start their lessons on time.

Swim Teachers will maintain social distancing from pupils where they are able possible to do so.

All swimmers must bring their own equipment (please see check list below).

Lesson times will remain at 25 minutes (unless stated).

No changing facilities will be available at this present time.

If anyone has any concerns with the above measures, we please ask you to contact Vicky on


We look forward to seeing you all soon


Vicky and the Splish Splash Team