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Pre-School Swim

Splish Splash Swim Ltd offers swimming lessons to children before they reach school age, from 3 years old upwards.


We offer swimming lessons to pre-school children, for those that have very little or no water experience.

Our pre-school stage encourages children to move independently in the water, under close supervision by our qualified Swim England teachers. We teach safe entry, introduce water being showered over the head, floating, push and glides and independent movement. We help children with underwater confidence and teach them basic aquatic breathing techniques.
Through games and play, we teach movement literacy skills: agility, balance, coordination, speed, running, jumping, throwing, kinaesthetics, gliding, buoyancy, striking with the body, catching, passing, kicking and striking with an implement.


How old does my child have to be to join pre­-School lessons?

Children can join the pre­school class from 3 years of age.

Will there be a teacher in the water with my child?

There will always be a teacher in the water with the children in our pre-School classes.

Will my child get any awards?

We believe in continual assessment, placing no stress on award weeks and not putting pressure on children to perform.

In pre-school swimming lessons, swimmers will aim to achieve their:

  • Swim England Ducklings One Award;
  • Swim England Ducklings Two Award;
  • Swim England Ducklings Three Award;
  • Swim England Puffin Award;
  • Swim England National Plan Stage One Award.

We run pre-school swimming lessons at Ashby, Belgrave, Loughborough