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Baby Swim

Here at Splish Splash Swim Ltd, we offer baby swimming lessons for you and your child.


Swimming is an activity that is accessible for everyone, regardless of age.

Babies can feel at ease in the water, as long as they feel safe. Our baby swim lessons give you and your baby the opportunity to explore the fun and joy of being in water.

What do we offer?

Our class sizes are a maximum of 10 babies in a class. Our experienced Swim England Adult and Child Swimming Teachers help you learn how to handle your baby and introduce them to safe movements in the water. We teach through songs, games and other bonding activities to help you and your baby.

Where are the classes?

We offer classes at Ashby and Tamworth

Encouraging your child to swim has so many health and well-being benefits. We encourage starting swimming as a baby – the earlier children get into the water to build their confidence, the better.

How can swimming help my baby?

• Swimming gives you and your baby protected quality bonding time; you will have each other’s undivided attention for the duration of the class;

• Supported by the water, swimming can encourage babies to develop balance;

• Coordination is an important part of a baby’s growth and development. At an early stage, we encourage independence, allowing children to move freely in the water to improve coordination;

• By allowing babies to move their bodies in the water, their muscles develop, helping them to get stronger;

• Through the exercise of swimming, your baby’s heart strength and lung capacity will increase; exercise will also help to develop your baby’s brain;

• Swimming can improve your baby’s sleeping pattern. Like any exercise, it can be tiring so you might have a sleepy baby at night time;

• Swimming builds water confidence so your baby can be at ease with being in and around water.

Recognising the value and importance of swimming with your baby, you and your baby can work towards an Adult and Child certificate. Certificates are an important part of a child’s development and we like to hand them out as a keepsake for the future.

Have some questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions.