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How old does my child need to be to join classes?

We start swimming lessons with children from the age of three years old.

The class that your child is in is determined by their ability, not their age. If you are unsure which class they should be in, please look at our criteria on the relevant pages or contact us.

Will the teacher be in the water with my child?

From Stages 4 upwards, it is often more beneficial for the teacher to deliver a lesson from the poolside as they have a better view of your child’s technique and will be better able to identify areas for improvement.  Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us at Splish Splash Swim Ltd so if our teachers see the need, they will be in the water with children in the class.

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

  • Swimming costumes;
  • Hat and/or goggles if your child feels comfortable in these but they aren’t absolutely essential;
  • Towel;
  • Food and/or drink for after the lesson – swimming can be hungry work!
  • Swim nappies (if necessary).

What if I forget my child's swimming costume or goggles?

We have a swim shop online and we sell items at our swimming lessons too, you can buy a costume or goggles if you have forgotten your own.

I would like to learn how to swim but the adult sessions that you have don't fit around my busy schedule

We are currently looking at options to increase swimming time that we can provide adults. Contact us and we will see if we can come up with some options to suit you and your family.

How long will it take for my child to move up to the next stage?

Progress will vary with each swimmer and it depends on their skills and experience.

If a swimmer has had pre-school or adult and child lessons then he/she may progress through stages 1 and 2 faster because they will have developed confidence in the water and be familiar with the environment.

We record the dates that your child starts each stage and if we are concerned that they have been in a stage for too long, we will have a meeting to discuss how to support swimmers more appropriately.

My child has a disability, is the Swim England Pathway suitable for them?

The Foundation Framework that we deliver has a special Additional Needs phase which provides progressive steps for swimmers that need additional help before moving up to Stage 1 of the Learn to Swim Pathway.

The Learn to Swim Framework is designed to give all children the opportunity to progress through stages 1-7.

Swim England recognises that some children may never be able to achieve all stages: we have specific exit routes for these.  Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

How do I pay?

To reserve a place on a course, payment is required two weeks in advance; payments can be made by bank transfer or cash at our reception desk.

Please note; we are now unable to accept payment by cheque.

My child already has swimming lessons with you, will they be given priority to enrol in the next term of lessons?


How long do the lessons last?

25 minutes.

How long is a course of lessons?

10 lessons.

Does my child need to start at the beginning of the term?

No! They can start part-way through the term.

If my child's lesson needs to be cancelled by you due to unforeseen circumstances, will I get a refund?


If my child's medical conditions change, do I need to tell you?

Yes, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, please tell us of your child has a medical condition. The safety of your child is of paramount importance to Splish Splash Swim Ltd.

What time should we arrive for the lessons?

If possible, you should arrive 10 minutes before the start time of your lesson.

Is my child allowed to wear jewellery?

With the exception of the SOS talisman, jewellery is not allowed (this includes stud earrings).

My child has had their ears pierced, can they still come swimming?

Children with freshly pierced ears will be expected to take six weeks off swimming due to risk of infection.

Does my son or daughter need to tie their hair back?

If your child has hair long enough to be tied back, yes, or your child should wear a swim hat,

Can my child wear goggles?

We allow children to wear goggles but the swimming teacher may request them to be removed if safety is compromised.

Does my child have to wear goggles?


What if my child needs the toilet during their lesson?

All children under the age of 8 must be taken to the toilet by a parent/guardian. The teacher in charge will ask you to come and get your child from the poolside and take them to the toilet.

Can I leave the premises during my child's swimming lesson?

No.  We ask for parents to remain on the premises at all times.

What level are your teachers qualified to?

All teachers have achieved either their Swim England Level 1 or Swim England Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming or the Swimming Teachers Association Level 2 Certificate in Swimming. Volunteers sometimes assist with lessons.

All our teachers hold a recent lifesaving award and are DBS Enhanced checked.

Our instructors also attend the relevant and recommended CPD courses to keep knowledge and qualifications updated as well as attending training monthly

What happens when my child's swimming teacher is off sick or on holiday? Does the lesson get cancelled?

No. We have relief teachers that are used.  They may also be used without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Welcome Back

We are really looking forward to re-opening Splish Splash Swim and welcoming all our swimmers, parents, friends and colleagues back to the pool. We’ve are extremely lucky to have received support and good well wishes from you all on reopening!!

The schools have been working extremely hard over lockdown to ensure the pools we use are ready and everything is in place for a safe environment for all when we restart our lessons.

Below are details that have been put into place for our safe return back to the pool!

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we’ve had to adapt various elements of our pools due to the current circumstances and to protect the safety of our swimmers, parents and colleagues.

Please ensure you read this information thoroughly before starting back swimming. All the measures detailed below are based on government and Swim England guidance as well as our own risk assessments.

Swimming Lessons

The general measures detailed below will apply.

We will run fewer lessons within the pool at one time to allow for both children and swimming teachers to social distance. This may affect the times we are able to offer customers.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your lesson and wait outside in the allocated area.

On arriving, there will be a one-way system in place, directing you and your child to the lesson.

Only one parent should attend with a child, to reduce the number of people in the building.

Parents must wear a face mask on entering as well as removing outdoor shoes before they walk onto poolside.

Pupils will be required to arrive for lessons readily changed in their costumes, hats and goggles. This will help all teachers start their lessons on time.

Swim Teachers will maintain social distancing from pupils where they are able possible to do so.

All swimmers must bring their own equipment (please see check list below).

Lesson times will remain at 25 minutes (unless stated).

No changing facilities will be available at this present time.

If anyone has any concerns with the above measures, we please ask you to contact Vicky on


We look forward to seeing you all soon


Vicky and the Splish Splash Team