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Baby Frequently Asked Questions

Is my baby too young?

Swim England recommends that a baby starts swimming at the age of six months old, but you can start before this time.

How soon after I have given birth can I go swimming?

The NHS website recommends going swimming after pregnancy as it is good and relaxing exercise. It suggests that as soon as your lochia (postnatal bleeding) has stopped, you can try swimming.

The NHS says that it is OK do some gentle exercise as soon as you feel OK to do so. If you can’t wait until your six ­week postnatal check, talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP if you would like to to start exercising earlier.

For more information about exercising after birth, take a look at the NHS website:

NHS Pregnancy Swimming advice

Do I need to wait until my baby has been immunized before I take them swimming?

The NHS says no you don’t!

NHS – Baby immunize

Do I need to be confident in the water?

No! The water is shallow enough for parents to stand up in and our teachers will not make you go under water if you don’t want to. Swimming with your baby might just increase your confidence in the water too! Are you interested in learning how to swim yourself? Take a look at our adult section to see what we have to offer.

Can both parents come to the lesson?

Yes! Both parents or grandparents can come in with the child.

Can we start half­way through a term?

Yes! You can join whenever you would like to, just contact us.

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

  • Swimming costumes for you and your baby;
  • Your own bath toys can encourage a familiar, relaxed and fun atmosphere, but you don’t have to bring these, we have plenty of toys to go around;
  • Disposable swim nappies;
  • A towel for you and your baby;
  • Food or milk (if your baby has not yet moved on to solids) for your baby for after swimming, swimming can be hungry work!;
  • Changing mat and nappy bag;